Stranger Saves Cat Just Before He is Put To Sleep


Just when you think that this world isn’t very nice and giving, there comes a person who proves you wrong. A selfless stranger in Massachusetts helped save the life of a widowed man’s cat right before it was to be put to sleep. A man – who only wants to be identified as Steven – was devastated after his 3-year-old cat Itty Bitty was diagnosed with a urinary blockage that was told to be fatal without surgery. The news destroyed the man as he found solace in the feline after his wife passed away. He was already struggling to come up with the $200 needed annually for the cat’s yearly vet check up, so when he found out the incredulous price of the surgery, Steven just didn’t know what to do. It was over $1,000 dollars to do the procedure – money the man just didn’t have.

He ended up taking Itty Bitty home, and the very next day, the MSPCA went to his house, advising the man to put his beloved feline to sleep and “do the humane thing.” Steven was out of options, so he ended up deciding to take the cat to be put down. ¬†While in line at the hospital, a stranger approached him and offered to pay for his kitty’s surgery.

“Some guy just came up behind me and said ‘I heard your story’ and ‘put it on my credit card.’ I don’t know who the guy was,” he said.

The bill ended up amounting to $650 – but the kindness didn’t stop there! Another person had given the kind stranger $100 for paying Steven’s bill, but again the stranger did a great act of kindness: he gave the $100 to Steven to help pay for the cat’s medicines. The feline currently finished his surgery at Tufts and is expected to make a full recovery.

Photo Source: My FOX Boston

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