A Stray Cat in Moscow Cuddles and Saves a Baby’s Life

Brown Tabby cat

In the town of Obninsk, Russia, a stray cat saved the life of a two-month-old baby.  According to the Moscow Times, Masha the cat was reported to have climbed inside the cardboard box where the baby was in and she then cuddled with the baby boy in order to keep him warm.  While snuggling with the baby, the feline meowed loudly to get the attention of the residents passing by.

Masha the cat was also noted to have licked the baby and keep the baby calm during the stressful event.  The box with the baby inside was said to be left by the entrance of an apartment building, with diapers, baby food and a few baby clothes.

After a resident found out what the cat was meowing about, one of the apartment’s residents called the authorities and the ambulance came right away.  Once the ambulance left to take the baby to the hospital, Masha was seen trying to follow the ambulance like she was seeing the baby off.

After the check-up, the baby was declared to be healthy and safe by the doctors.  The authorities are actively looking for the baby’s parents.  Hopefully, they will get them soon.

Meanwhile, Masha the cat is hailed as a hero by local residents.  Her heroism has awarded her lots of attention and love from the community.  In fact, she has been spoiled rotten by some residents.  She has been receiving her favorite treats, since the day she saved the baby.  The residents of Obninsk are very proud of Masha’s heroic act.

This is a very moving story.  I am so glad that Masha the cat found the baby and acted right away to save the baby’s life.  I can’t imagine the danger the baby was facing that day if the feline hasn’t found him soon.  The cold weather could post some harmful effects on the little boy’s body which could end up to death.  Masha is sure a very smart and loving feline.

As for the baby’s parents, I hope the authorities will find them soon and face the consequences of the cruelty they did to their poor child.

Image via Tambako the Jaguar at Flickr.com

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