Stray Kitten With His Head Stuck in A Garbage Can Gets a Happy Ending

cat in a garbage can

If it takes you a moment to understand what it is you are looking at in the above photo, do not feel bad. It took us a moment, too. What it is that you are seeing is a kitten. That is the backside of the kitten. His face, head and neck are stuck inside a hole in the bottom of the can, and he is unable to escape. This tiny kitten is homeless, which is already terrible. It’s not easy for a homeless animal to survive on the streets, especially one with no life experience and no one to help care for him. He has no family and no home, and life is not looking good for him at the moment. This little doll was looking for something to eat when someone came to empty the can, and he panicked. He tried to get out and ended up stuck.

Those people called for help. They called Steve Morrall, the RSCPA investigator. He came to the scene and he helped by calling local firefighters. The cat was then rescued, and now she is doing just fine. It wasn’t an easy job, but this kitten is now free and living a much better life at the local shelter. However, this little doll does need a new home if you or anyone you know is willing or able to take it home. Just keep this little darling away from trash cans, since it’s not entirely likely that he can be trusted not to get stuck in a bind once again.

Photo Credit – Facebook 

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