A Stray Tabby Cat Enjoys a $1000 Fish Feast

Fish Market<

We all know that cats can be very mischievous especially when they are anywhere near a fish. There have been a lot of instances where cats ate a fish from the fish tank. The story I am about to share with all of you is about another cat who ate fish. But this time the fish didn’t come from an aquarium.

The incident happened in Eastern Russia at Vladivostok airport delicatessen and was videotaped by a staff. According to PrimaMedia.ru, a tabby cat was caught in the act while enjoying a variety of marine delicacies such as fish, dried octopus and squid. The mischievous feline was seen digging the food packages while merrily eating the contents. The break-in cost the store owner about 60,000 Roubles or $1000 because she had to throw out the entire contents of the fish counter in the trash. It is not known how the tabby got inside the store. But the cat is known to be a local stray and sometimes wander in the airport, according to airport staff.

There’s a little twist to this story. After being busted for eating expensive seafood, the tabby cat seems to gain popularity. As a result the animal is now considered a minor celebrity. The feline’s fans are found lining up just to get a glimpse of the crime scene. In fact, the shop owner Irina Kuzmina told PrimaMedia “Our staff practically can’t work because of the flow of the fans”. The cat sure has a lot of fans but unfortunately it has affected the business and its owner negatively. Hopefully, the so-called fans of the kitty are slowly going to phase out soon so Irina’s business will be back to normal again.

Even though the animal is stray it didn’t stop many people from showing their interest. It is noted that some people are interested with the tabby’s future because it seems to have vanished after getting caught feasting with the seafood. The airport is also said to have received letters from concerned citizens who wanted to adopt the cat. I sure hope the tabby will show up soon and find a loving family that will adopt him/her.

Image via MrT HK at Flickr.com

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