Stunned Woman is Reunited with her Cat after 8 Years

Cat missing for 8 years

After 8 long years a woman and her cat was reunited.  Malcolm the cat went missing in 2007.  Soon after the cat’s disappearance his owner Susan MacDonald left the UK and moved to Crete with her family and other pets.  Recently, Susan moved back home and is now living in the village of Rockbeare, outside of Exeter, in Devon, UK.  One day she received a call that her long lost pet has been found wandering as a stray.  The surprising news sure made Susan very happy.  It seems like Malcolm had been taking care of in the past eight years but for some reason he left his adopted family and showed up in time shortly after his original family moved back home.

Malcolm the cat was very lucky to be found by a veterinarian 20 miles from his original home.  Maureen Hutchison, the vet who found him, scanned him for a microchip and was very glad to find its owner’s contact information, which was of Susan’s mother.  Susan thoughtfully changed the contact information on Malcolm’s chip to her mom before she left the UK and after doing a lot of search for the missing cat.

Susan and Malcolm were reunited last Saturday.  She stated the 11-year-old feline never changed except that it gained weight.  “It’s surreal having him back around. He’s in tip-top condition as well; he’s definitely not been a stray.  I often used to have thoughts about him and where he was. I think not-knowing was the worst thing,” says Susan.

Susan also stated that her life has changed a lot after Malcom went missing.  The cat was also her daughter’s pet, who now lives in Iowa.  She firmly believed that the cat didn’t stray intentionally but rather accidentally got in a car and was adopted.

The timing of Malcolm’s reappearance is something that amazes Susan.  At first, she couldn’t believe that after eight years she would see her missing cat again.   Although Malcolm doesn’t remember her, she is very happy to have him back.  “He doesn’t remember me, however much that hurts. He has been gone for eight years, that’s about 64 years in a cat’s life,” Susan said.

Anyways, I’m glad that the two are reunited and I hope Malcolm’s memory of Susan will slowly come back.

Image via Mark Passmore/APEX

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