Supermarket Rescue Cat Finds a Loving Home


It all started when Finland resident Lawrence went to the store by his house to get some food.Walking just outside of the store, he saw a kitty just sitting near the ATM stand, just so it could be next to people. Out of instinct, the man knelt down to take a picture of the stray cat and all of a sudden it just popped up on his lap and starts purring. Lawrence then called his wife to get dressed and to come quick and help him. Outside waiting with the supermarket rescue cat on his lap, his wife comes over and then proceeds to call her mom to take her husband and the feline to the vet.

At first, they were waiting outside the store for his mother-in-law, but then the kitty started to shiver, as it was practically freezing outside. The couple decided to take the cat home before her mom comes over to take them to the vet so they can check if there is anything wrong with the cat. After waiting for the vet to be done with the checkup, the vet says the cat is healthy and has been fixed. The only problem with it was that the kitty was very skinny. Lawrence had no idea how long the cat was homeless since they just moved to the new apartment. Apparently, the kitty had a previous owner, either he ran away or was thrown out, as it happens in Finland quite often. The vet tells them it’s okay to take the cat home but since it had no tags nor a chip, they needed a name for the paper work to be filled out. Lawrence had the privilege of naming his supermarket rescue kitty Oskar.

Oskar is now happy and healthy, loves to sleep next to the couple and loves being on laps. He also enjoys eating cheese and yogurt with his new family.

Photo Source: Lawrence via The Animal Rescue Site

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