Having Survived for a Week, Three-legged Cat found in Fire-Damaged Apartment


Lily the cat is very lucky to be alive.  The three-legged-feline was involved in an apartment fire in the town of Plymouth in United Kingdom. The apartment was gutted and everyone thought that the cat had died in the fire but the cat was spared and have been hiding in the damage building all this time.  For a solid week the cat survived inside of the building with apparently no food or water.  The cat was spotted by a security guard who was in charge of keeping people out of the damage building.  The guard then contacted the RSPCA who came and set up a trap in order to rescue the feline.  The group really didn’t believe that the cat survived and thought that it must have been a stray that the security guard had been seeing.

The team placed food inside of the trap and left it for the night.  When they returned the next day the cat was sitting safely inside.  This completely shocked the rescuers who could not believe that it was actually the same cat, the one trapped in the building that was destroyed by the fire.  But sure enough the cat in the trap had three legs.  The team took the cat to a Vet who checked over the animal and its owner was called.  The inspector in charge of the blaze was quoted as saying this about the cat “On Monday one of the security guys down there was on duty during the night and the following day, and he was convinced he saw a little cat sitting in the dark.”

While a few other cats were rescued from the fire there are still several that is missing.  While no one has seen any more cats near the area the RSPCA is not going to give up on the missing felines.  They have returned to the building many times and have set out more traps in hopes of finding all of them.  Hopefully, soon more cats will be reunited with their owners.  Thankfully, most of these cats have been found and returned to their owners without harm.

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