Sweet Rescue Cat May Not Need a Leg, But Needs Loving Home


Moses the cat was a transfer to CatNap from the Heart, an Illinois-based no-kill shelter, from the Chicago Animal Care and Control this past March. While not much is known about this past, the adorable black and white feline must have been through quite excruciating conditions. He arrived at CatNap shelter with a severely damaged foot, consisting of about 20 fractures.

The 2-year-old rescue cat needed to have his leg amputated in early April and has been running around the shelter, being his friendly self and making new pals ever since. Although Moses has been suspected of going through terrible conditions, it certainly hasn’t seemed to bring him down! The three-legged feline gets along with everyone; he likes to be around people and is very much a lap cat.

Currently, Moses is in need of finding the perfect loving forever home and is up for adoption. He likes to be picked up and carried around as well as sit next to you – he just loves being held!  Even as his community profile was being written, he sat at CatNap’s front desk and watched as one of the staff typed away, which speaks measures of his love of people. According to his profile, Moses is the kind of cat that truly restores your faith in the pure love of a pet. We don’t doubt that for a bit!

CatNap from the Heart is a limited-access, no kill shelter for cats, birds and other small mammals located in LaGrange Park, Illinois. To find out more about CatNap, visit their Facebook page.

Image Source: Suntimes


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