Tabby Cat

orange tabby catI love all cats, but my number one favorite is the Orange Tabby cat. Did you know that a “tabby” cat is not a breed, but the pattern of the cat? Orange Tabby cats are well known because of “Morris”; “the cat with nine lives”. If orange Tabby cats are not a breed, what type of cat are they? What is their personality like? Here is the scoop on the Tabby:

patched tabby

Although there are many types of tabby cats, they each fall in to four classes.  A fifth includes tabby as part of another basic color pattern,  the “patched” tabby, which may be a calico or tortoiseshell cat with tabby patches. The gene for tabby pattern can be found in all domestic cats. Look at a pure black cat in the light, and see if you can find the hidden tabby markings.Very cool, right? (I imagine some black cat owners are holding their cats next to a light) The tabby is a color pattern – most often stripes, but sometimes stripes and spots-or both. The tabby pattern is so popular that it can be found in many pedigreed cats today. The striped tabby cat has vertical lines that resemble the bone of a fish on the body. The pattern is also referred to as a Mackerel pattern. A spotted tabby has spots all over the body, particularly around the stomach area

black tabby

Tabby cats are amongst the sweetest of cats. Then again, aren’t they all? Their personality is very kind and caring. For example, my cat knows when I am upset or feeling down as she will come to me without being asked. Bear in mind, cats have their own personality and each cat may be different. My friend April also has a black tabby names “Comet” is an absolute darling. Every red tabby cat I’ve ever met was friendly and confident; they seem to just know you’re going to like them.  My vet told me some interesting facts on the tabby. He told me that most Tabby cats are male. I still don’t understand that, I’m just delivering the facts). Female cats, while usually very sweet with their owners, tend to be more reserved with people they don’t know. Males tend to be more confident and outgoing with people.

There isn’t a great deal of background on the Tabby cat or its origin. It seems as if they are just considered to be from as line of Pedigree cats. Hmm. I asked a vet about this and a cat lover that works at my local pet store.

What is interesting about this fine feline…

Tabby cats camouflage themselves very well in the wild. The various stripes or patterns help it to blend well amongst the leaves. This pattern can be on domestic as well as wild cats. For example, the leopard is a spotted wild cat and the tiger has stripes on its body.

When I learned that my favorite type of cat didn’t have a huge, I was even more in love. Here is my favorite cat, the cat I find to be the most beautiful–and out of all the cat breeds I know about, this one has the least amount of background. When it all comes down to it, I love cats no matter where they come from, people–the same.


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