The Tale of Sunny the Cat Demonstrates Plight of Cats in the Cold


During the cold winter months, we bundle up to keep our self from getting cold. Chicago is one of the cities that get bitter cold in the winter. While the residents of this city struggle to keep themselves warm during the first blow of cold weather this week, a feline named Sunny is seeking for a place that can help her keep warm.

Sunny, a one-year-old kitty was spotted wandering around 8600 South Colfax Avenue despite of the cold weather. The city workers took her to the animal control center of Chicago. Last Monday, the animal shelter PAWS Chicago took the lovely cat into their Little Village neighborhood facility.

Due to the cold weather the feline suffered from frostbitten ears and is now treated at the PAWS facility, according to the shelter’s spokeswoman Sarah Ahlberg. The cat weighs only 21.2 pounds, which is really light for a one year old feline and her fur is badly matted and needs to be shaved. The shelter is also going to run some test on the feline in order to determine the cause of her weight issue.

Right now, Sunny is not available for adoption until the city’s stray hold expires, which gives her owner the time to come forward and take her back home. The shelter will continue to treat her. After a few weeks if no one claims Sunny, she’ll be in the market for adoption.

Every year an estimated 6,000 animals are rescued by PAWS. Ahlberg said they see cases like Sunny’s often during the cold season. On the summertime the shelter sees more stray cats and dogs because animals spends a lot of time outdoors, and it is also kitten season.

Hopefully, this story will raise awareness to all pet owners that in the cold weather cats and dogs are vulnerable to frostbite and hypothermia.  That’s why pets shouldn’t be left alone outside for a long time, not even inside a car. Also, a sweater will help keep your short haired pets warm this winter. Most of all, consult a vet if your pet is showing any signs of hypothermia such as shivering and difficulty breathing.

Image via Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune

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