Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo Releases Video of Clouded Leopard


If we are being honest here, we do have to admit that a clouded leopard is not exactly a household pet. It’s not exactly the type of cat you think of when you think of a cat, and that’s not something that we care about at this particular moment in time. The clouded leopard is native to some areas of Asia, and it’s listed as a ‘vulnerable’ species. What this means is that the number of clouded leopards in the world is not quite small enough to be considered endangered, but it’s close. The Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida has one that gave birth to two baby girls just over a month ago, and they are adorable. I love the Lowry Park Zoo, as do my kids, and we have yet to be there to see these little baby leopards that are finally being allowed out into their habitat to learn and explore.

The zoo recently released a video of one of these darling little cats, and it’s one that is sleeping. She is a tired little leopard what with all the excitement that is currently going on in her life. She is shown on the video just napping away with her darling little face. Even when she grows up, she will not be as big as other leopards. This particular type is the smallest of the lot, and she is just as sweet as can be. Take a look and try to enjoy the most darling little nap you’ve seen all day long.

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