Taylor Swift Likes her Cats to be Professional and Organized

Taylor Shift Cats

Famous stars are frequently accompanied by their beloved pets.  Some have dogs while others prefer the companionship of felines. The hit singer Taylor Swift is no exception to this common rule.  The singer has two cats that she is often seen carrying around as she travels around the globe.  But these two cats are expected to conduct themselves very differently than most pets.  This means that these pets have to be on their best behavior.

When on the go, Taylor expects her two pets to act with proper manners.  It has been reported that she insists that the felines carry themselves in nothing but a professional manner while in public.  They are expected to take their proper place and look elegant. I guess that she wants them to reflect positively when it comes to being seen.  I am sure she is trying to keep her clean image and she also expects her cats to do the same. It’s almost like she is treating the animals as children rather than her pets. I am sure she is just trying to be a loving mother for the two.

While it is not clear if these pair of cats always act their best, it seems that they are very organized animals.  Whenever Taylor takes them on the road they are often seen in their very own monogramed carriers.  Each of the carriers is two different colors and the cats are often seen wearing matching collars.  This organization seems to work well with the animals and they always seem to look very proper.  It’s almost like these animals are royalty instead of two small cats as they are paraded around the corners of the globe with their owner.

It seems that Taylor is obsessed with order when it comes to her two companions.  But I am sure when they are home and relaxing, she lets them play and be themselves.  Maybe she is just worried her kitties will get into trouble or get lost if they are not behaving. One thing is for sure Taylor seems to be in love with these two adorable animals.

Image via  Taylor Swift/Instagram

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