Taylor Swift Totes Cat Benson in the best Personalized Pet Carrier

Taylor Swift

We all know about how Taylor Swift loves her cats Olivia and Meredith.

Last week Swift was spotted leaving her New York City pad toting her cat Olivia Benson using a personalized pet carrier.  The glamorous celebrity looked fabulous in her very stylish outfit that day, a teal top under a Gestuz plaid wool coat, a corduroy skirt paired with a bordeaux suede booties, and the swanky pet carrier she was holding made her look more gorgeous.

Swift has been seen toting her pets in public many times but this time she used a personalized carrier for the first time.  The red duffel pet carrier, which caught the eyes of many people, has Detective Olivia Benson, one of her feline’s names, embroidered on it.  The cat duffel carrier looks really cool and neat and its red color also matches the singer’s lipstick and shoes.

The singer posted a photo of two personalized pet carriers on Instagram more than four weeks ago.  One has Olivia’s name and the other has Meredith’s name on it.  The chic duffels were given to Swift by her mother as a Christmas gift.  Swift definitely love the pet carriers of all the gifts she received last Christmas.  In fact, she wrote this line on the bottom of the posted pic: “Not the giving Christmas presents is a competition, but this year, my mom won.”

Swift’s mom sure knows the things that will make her daughter happy.  It’s really sweet of her to think of something that Taylor can use to tote her famous cats around.  I bet the personalized pet carriers cost some money because the names of the felines were embroidered on it and not printed.

The photo of Swift’s personalized pet carriers has captured the attention of many people.  As a matter of fact, it has already garnered more than one million likes and more than 24,000 comments from people around the globe.  I’m sure this will encourage some people, both famous and not, to have a personalized pet carrier for their pet as well, which can lead to a start of a new trend in pet carriers.

I personally think that having the name of your pet on their carrier is cute.  What about you?

Image via instyle

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