Taylor Swift’s New Diet Coke Ad Features A Lot of Cats!


It is common knowledge that Taylor Swift is quite the cat lover – after all, she has one superstar cat named Meredith whom she often takes pictures of and mentions. She’s also been known to wear feline fashion, such as big sweaters with a cat insignia on them as well as cat-themed flat shoes. Taylor Swift is also a self-proclaimed cat lady. While you wouldn’t automatically know that from just listening to her music, most of which tells more about her love life, she is letting the whole world know about her deep love of cats through her latest commercial for Diet Coke.

Taylor’s latest commercial for the soda pop giant not only features some new music, it also shows the entertainment icon drinking up some Diet Coke soda with a ton of cats all around her, including her own kitty Olivia Benson. The concept of the video is simple: Taylor is playing with a single fluffy kitty when she takes a swig of Diet Coke. She looks and all of a sudden the cats have multiplied into two. She takes another sip and even more cats appear. By the end of the video, she has clearly drank her fair share of soda pop and is literally drowning in a sea of felines. It’s definitely not a bad place to be if you’re a major cat lover! The ad ends with a tagline, saying, “What if life tasted as good as Diet Coke?” Taylor’s own cat Olivia Benson is featured at the end, promoting her human’s new album, “1989,” which comes out October 27.

Taylor herself followed up the video with a tweet on Twitter that described the experience as her “perfect world.” As we cat lovers can relate to it, we wonder just how her other adorable feline Meredith must feel!


(Photo Source: YouTube)

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