Teens Accused of Feeding a Live Cat to Two Dogs

Abyssinian Kittens

In an act of pure cruelty, two teens in the California city of Bakersfield are accused of feeding a live cat to two dogs.  Not only did they torture the cat but they videotaped the event and posted it online. In the video, you can hear the pair of teens pushing the dogs to attack.  The dogs which were said to be very large caused heavy damage to the cat resulting in its death.  Authorities have not released who owned the dogs or the cat and no one else has been changed with this crime.

The two teens whose ages are 15 and 17 have been charged as juveniles according to local authorities.  While many would suggest that the 17 year old should be charged as an adult but this simply isn’t the case.  Many people have become outrage over this shocking act and lots of them are taking it to the internet to express their feelings. I’m sure we have not heard the last about this video and people will be talking about it for many months to come.

This event took place in the summer but the local animal control office wasn’t informed of the video until December after a concerned citizen saw the video, which was posted on a very popular social media website.  It’s not known if there are additional videos but these two are being investigated by the sheriff’s department. Only time will tell if these two have other videos they planned to post online.  I for one hope there are no more videos out there.

It is unclear as to how long these teens will serve for this act of violence or what fines they may face.  But many people are calling for these two to be charge with additional adult charges.  It’s really sad to see just how bad some people can be.  Many people have been sickened by this very evil act. No one will ever know why these two seemingly normal looking teens would do something so heinous. This proves that you never really know what kind of a person you are living next door.

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