Television Viewer Finds a Kitten Trapped in a Car Engine


We always trust the local news to give us information on what’s going on in our community and around the world, as well as interesting stories that happen in our world on a daily basis. Basically, if we want to know what’s going on, for the most part we will turn on our TV sets and depend on the news anchors to give us the information we seek. The tables turned when one television viewer in Phoenix, Arizona contacted her local news station, giving them a story!

When Susan Frausto posted a photo on the FOX 10 News Facebook page, she probably didn’t anticipate becoming one of the day’s stories. The TV viewer posted a photo of what appeared to be just her car engine onto the news’ Facebook – but when you looked closer, you could see a pair of cat eyes peeking through the interior of the engine. Apparently, a kitten was trapped and stuck in her car engine overnight. Frausto heard meowing coming outside of her door beginning Sunday afternoon. The noise was so loud that the woman’s pets became concerned. She explained that the kitten had run over to where her car was and ended up somehow getting into the engine and hiding in it overnight.

“Kittens and cats do this when it gets cold; they look for the warmth, but then she couldn’t get herself out,” Frausto said.

“I tried to get her out then decided OK I am going to leave it and it will come out on it’s own, or it’s mother will come and get it because it’s very tiny.”

She did as much as she could, unlatching parts of her car’s engine so that the kitten could get out. After several hours of working on the car and attempting to get the feline, Frausto was able to get the kitten out and to safety. While the feline was a bit dirty from its time in the engine, it seemed to be healthy and was happy to finally be free. Currently, Frausto is debating whether she will keep the cat (she already has two of her own) or if she will just put it up for adoption.

(Photo Source: FOX 10)

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