Ten Fun Hobbies For Cats

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As much as we love them, even we can admit that cats are pretty odd creatures. Some of their behavior and actions are downright strange, but that’s their charm – and that’s why we love them so much! While many cats have their typical hobbies, like bird watching, napping, and playing with yarn, there are also those who have more of a hidden, lesser-known talents and hobbies… that is, until they get caught in the act! Here are ten of the strangest hobbies for cats…

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1. Accents

With all of the different sounds that kittens and cats make, it may sound like all felines have the same exact sound and tone of voice – but we all know that’s far from the truth! We’d like to believe that each and every cat has their own unique voice, as well as the incredible ability to change up their voices, much like we humans can. With a little practice here and there, they can undoubtedly perfect any foreign accent if the situation calls for it, including Australian, Jamaican, Scottish, and many more. This week, it is definitely British, of course!

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2. Acting

Cats are natural hams; what you may not know is that most of the time, their meows actually translate to “Look at me! Look at me! Look at me and see just what I can do!” It’s only natural of course – these cats demand a ton of love and attention, which makes them perfect actors. With their wide array of emotions, cats can pretty much convey any emotion with depth – which is why they would make wonderful and great actors – and they should definitely hone their craft. Who knows what the future could hold – they may finally catch their big break!

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3. Kitty hairstyling

It’s unclear about whether or not this kitty just recently broke up with their young feline love. Cutting your hair post-breakup is a great idea for most humans, especially since getting rid of your old hairstyle is so symbolic of a new you! So why shouldn’t our feline friends follow suit?! While many cats have and enjoy their uniform hairstyle, some special guys prefer to don their own unique look – including this mohawked feline. Rock on!

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4. Science Fair trophy collector

Cats are without a doubt naturally smart beings, and seem to know a thing or two about science. What else do you think they are thinking doing when they’re eating delicious food?! It gives them an opportunity to think about neurons, molecules, neurons, physics – that’s for sure.  Are you really that surprised or shocked to know they collect trophies? They do that by just one solid way they know how to: by winning science fairs!

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5. Dressing like a hipster

A great many people actually dress up their dogs in hipster clothing – in fact, there’s even a famous Hipster Dog out there in existence. Some cats, on the other hand, choose to dress up like hipsters themselves. After all, there’s a reason why some of the glasses that go with the trend are shaped in what’s called a “cat eye” frame. Coincidence? I think not! Cats have a flair for fashion – and these days it’s all about the hipster look. Face it: felines just love to stay trendy, keep with the latest fashion and just overall be on top of things!

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6. Cooking

Cats, for the most part, adore eating food. Not only do cats love to eat, they are also natural born cooks! Many of them may hide it, but they are actually pretty good chefs and know just enough about food to make it a full fledged Food Network-style challenge. While you may not know it because of all the delicious things you’re eating, felines know their way around a kitchen. They also don’t necessarily need a kitchen to find food items, which would explain why your trash bags may get raided time and time again. They are also very against being wasteful!

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7. Still-modeling

Cats already win in the gorgeous good looks area, hands down! Felines are so beautiful and picturesque that it doesn’t seem like there’s really an ugly looking cat out there. With their fabulous, often lean, mean and trim bodies as well as their remarkable talent to completely freeze at a stand still, they can double as mannequins. Any cat can be a model, but can they hold an adorable pose for longer than hours at a time? (I don’t think so!)

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8. Masquerade dancing

Some cats are wickedly talented and can actually cut a rug and move those dancing feet. After all, with their agile, limber and swift legs, you can best believe that they have had more than one kitty wrapped around their finger to entertain and dance with. Quick on their toes and always on their tippy toes it seems, they really do make for some terrific dancers. See, cats can be classy and coordinated too!

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9. Staring contest

Sure they’re serious… serious about winning! Cats don’t ever back down when faced with a challenge – they’re in it to win it! With their uncanny ability to hold a long gaze as well as the talent to leave their eyes open, they could win national awards for this. There’s something about holding a gaze with a cat that tends to intimidate other beings – they’re shoo-ins for a win. Ever win a staring contest with a feline? Yeah, I didn’t think so!

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10. Video games

Cats are ridiculously smart creatures. Myth has it that if you just look at a cat with your intentions, it automatically responds to what you are going to be doing next without you ever moving a muscle. Cats are definitely the ultimate game players in that sense: always one step ahead of everyone. With their smarts and ability to beat everyone, it’s only natural that cats are natural born video gamers.

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