The 10 Cutest Kitten Videos of 2015

stray kittens

Kittens are just the most adorable little creatures that ever lived. There isn’t a moment in life when we don’t feel as if a kitten cannot fix our problems. Even if they can’t fix them completely, they can actually make us so happy that we forget about them for a few minutes. They are tiny, soft, cuddly and all around perfect, and that’s why we love them.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite kitten videos from the past year (whether they were posted this year or we just fell in love with them in 2015) so that you can at least forgo a productive day for a darling reason. Go ahead and put aside your to-do list; it’s not getting done today after you check out these darling kittens.

When Cat Haters Meet Kittens

Some people like to say that they hate cats. They might seem like awful people, but they are just unknowing. Perhaps they’ve never heard of a kitten, or seen one for that matter. These people hate cats – like, hate them a lot – until they actually meet some kittens. Go ahead; deny your love of cats after this.

There Is a First Time for Everything

There is a first time for everything, but we guarantee that most of the first things you do in your own life are nowhere near as adorable as the first time these kittens try something new. Go ahead and try not to smile when you watch this video filled with kittens doing darling things. It’s too addictive.

Cat Lovers Get a Box of Kittens

The only thing better than seeing a bunch of cat haters meet a box of irresistible kittens is to see a bunch of people who love cats surprised with a box of irresistible kittens. They are so overwhelmed with happiness and adorableness that we cannot even control ourselves.

A Basket of Darling Kittens

It’s not like these kittens are doing anything, really. They’re just…there. But they are there being so cute and so sweet that you are going to want to grab this basket of kittens and run away with them. It’s the most adorable thing that you’ll ever see.

Talking Kittens

What’s more adorable than kittens that have a lot to say? They’re so cute even though you have no idea what they are saying or what they want. These are the most adorable kittens around, and we just love them.

Mother Cat Talks to Her Babies 

There is something so special about a mother and her babies, and this cat and her baby kittens are no different. There is clearly a lot of love here in the way this mama cat speaks to her babies. She’s in love with them, and we are in love with that. They are a special treat for everyone to see.

Brand New Baby Rescues

We are just the biggest fans of the Vet Ranch and all that they do there to care for animals that are so in need of love and attention. This batch of kittens are only a week old when they are rescued, and their story just touches our heart in a way that we cannot even express.

Kittens and Puppies Meet for the First Time

Okay, I don’t even have a cat or a dog, but I do appreciate the darlingness that is a puppy and a kitten, and this is a video that is going to make you want all the animals. It’s a video of kittens meeting puppies for the first time. They are a little confused about what’s going on, but it seems that they really are the most amazing things that you’ll ever see.

Men and Kittens

As ladies, we love manly men. We just do; there is something about a masculine man that does something to us. Perhaps it’s something about seeing a man’s man with something as small, tiny and cute as a kitten. It’s just adorable, and we cannot help but love everything about this sweet video.

Kittens, Puppies and Babies 

Oh, wait; did I say that there was nothing cuter than the kittens in these other videos? I was lying. This is where you will find the best of the best in terms of kittens, because they are accompanied by both puppies and babies. Now that is a combination designed to bring anyone to their knees.

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