Christmas Gift Alert: The Artpot Cute Little Black Cat Coffee Ceramic Cup


This cat cup strives to use the most eco-friendly materials and processes .This ceramic travel mug makes a decorative and practical gift or souvenir,the perfect gift for any occasion,is great and durable for everyday use. The perfect size to enjoy your morning beverage and the perfect gift for your loved ones that special day.

Note: To keep the tea cup in the best condition, the microwave and dishwasher is NOT recommended.

Cute kitten mugs, designer cat as the theme, designed this with the ears and handles, set ornamental and practical in one of the cups. Products using high-quality ceramic firing, the surface is smooth, wear-resistant. Large capacity 350ml,suitable for hot and cold drinks. With handle easy to use, but also easy to clean.

Cute Little Black Cat cup coffee tea mug
Material:Ceramic ,Capacity:350ml,Maximum diameter:4.5 inch
Semi Handmade,exquisite fashion,large capacity,suitable for hot and cold drinks
High quality ceramic, Large capacity,easy-grip with handle
best gift to yourself or someone special

Price: $15.99 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35

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