The Five Best Interactive Cat Toys on the Market Today

Cats are known for being smart and curious little creatures that bring so much in the way of entertainment and pleasure for their owners. They not only desire to have their own toys to play with, but it’s also a developmental need and anyone who truly loves their cat and wants to make them happy will surround them with fun and interesting toys that will stimulate their creativity, satisfy their need for play and make them happy little campers. With this in mind, here are the top five interactive cat toys on the market today.

1. Petronics Mousr

The Petronics Mousr is an interactive cat toy in robot form. It’s a fairly new development and it brings technology into your kitty’s world with entertainment for both cat and owner. Just as baby humans need developmental toys that will stimulate their sense of wonder and creativity, so do kittens. Mousr is an advanced form of artificial intelligence technology that is programmed to interact with cats through moving in a series of unpredictable ways. The toy teases your kitty in fun and enjoyable ways, it hides and it acts like a real mouse would when attempting to evade its feline predator. This amazing toy will bring your cat hours of fun and exciting play and it may even help him or her to develop amazing mousing skills.

2. Cat Dancer – Cat Charmerbrightly colored strip of fabric attached to a wand.

The Cat Dancer Cat charmer is a toy that teases your cat in a simple way. Although it doesn’t look like a high tech or particularly impressive cat toy, it’s magnificence is in the simplicity of the design. The Cat dancer is a wand that has a brightly colored strip of fabric attached. There is something mesmerizing about this for felines. This toy is inexpensive to buy but it’s made to be sturdy and durable. Watch as your cat enjoys hours of play with the simple, yet effective Cat Dancer Cat Charmer.

3. Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

The Catit Play Circuit is one of the most highly rated interactive cat toys on the market today. It’s uniquely designed to stimulate the hunter in your cat through the senses of sight, smell, touch, and sound. This ingenious invention is literally the cat’s meow because your kitty will remark about how fun it is to play with. It even has a smelly part that appeals to your kitty’s olfactory senses. This toy features a variety of partially hidden areas that can only be reached through randomly distributed holes that are designed to entice your cat to try different ways of reaching the partly hidden items. It comes with several track layouts that can be configured in hundreds of variations so when your kitty figures out one mystery, you can change the game and give them a new set of challenges.

4. The Ripple Rug Play Mat

The Ripple Rug Play Mat is yet another great interactive toy for your kitty. While it may just look like a brown colored unremarkably plain rug at first glance, it’s far from this. The rug has holes in it that draw your cat like a bee to honey. It’s a multi-purpose interactive toy that can be used for napping or for honing your kitty’s hunting skills. You can set the rug up with various arrangements of the ripples to hide a variety of objects inside so kitty has to figure out how to find them. The materials are all non-toxic and resistant to mold. This multifunctional interactive kitty toy is designed for cats of all ages.

5. Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree

The Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree offers cats of all breeds and ages a fun and interactive tool for learning, growing and for stimulating their creativity by figuring out a variety of different challenges. This toy is meant to hone your cat’s hunting skills through a variety of side openings where you can hide special treats. It’s up to your kitty to figure out how to reach the tempting treats and it’s an excellent way to keep them occupied while satisfying their need to explore. This interactive cat toy can also be used as a food bowl. It’s guaranteed to bring your cat hours of pleasure and satisfaction.

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