The Need for Hybrid Cats is On The Rise

The latest trend in cat breeding is the hybrid of a domestic with exotic cat AKA a hybrid cat. Several breeds are highlighted as most popular and owners seem assured the cats view them as owners, not prey. One of the most highlighted breeds is the Toyger, a cat we’ve mentioned on this site. The Toyger is a cross between a domestic cat and an exotic cat found in East Asia.

One of the reasons for the rise in this type of breeding is that some of these cat breeds act more like dogs. They develop strong bonds with humans and are becoming more sought after. They’re also known for being highly intelligent. Another cross breed is the Savannah. We’ve also mentioned this breed on our site. In the video the Savannah is described as a cat who will eat from a litter box, snuggle with you in bed, eat dinner but also be independent. Essentially you’re getting the best of both worlds.

But the best of both worlds doesn’t come without a price. Often times these cats are north of $1000 even going as high as $25,000. But to many owners it’s well worth the cost.

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