The Neverending Battle of Cats Vs. Brooms


Our feline friends really have quite the fascination with brooms and brushes. Sometimes, they use them as toys, pawing and swatting them as they come by, playing some sort of catching game, while other times, they grab onto them while we are cleaning as a mode of transportation to go from one end of the kitchen to the other. Whatever it is about brooms and brushes that get them, we don’t really have much idea about – it’s just hilarious to see and quite entertaining to us! Cats just get so excited and passionate about those bristled cleaners – in fact, they seem to have the most excited reactions from anyone I’d ever seen that has been presented with a broom! A cat video that is making the rounds shows a compilation of various cats vs. brooms. While they all have different sentiments and attitudes toward brooms, there is one thing they all have in common: they love to hate those things!

In the video below, we can see cats chasing, swatting and pawing at, grabbing onto, and even running away from brooms. Some felines in the footage look like they want to play with it and ride on it while their humans are trying to be productive, while other felines want to attack it, like they are mad at it for some reason. Cats really seem to have a love-hate relationship with brooms. They just can’t seem to get their eyes off of the brooms and constantly want to have some sort of interaction with it – no matter if it’s a toy, enemy, or both. It seems like a never ending battle that they will always continue to have whenever presented with the presence of a broom; basically, it’s whenever you decide to clean and sweep up – which is most likely quite often!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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