Cat Tip of the Day: The Routine of a Cat Can Benefit a Child with Anxiety

child and cat

We’ve talked about how one of the most important aspects of a cat’s life can be its routine.  But the same can be said for children who suffer from anxiety or depression.   If you are a parent that has a child that is suffering from anxiety or depression there are loads of articles out there that can help you deal with this issue.   Obviously one of the first things you’ll want to do is explore therapy.

And in doing research you’ll find that one thing that can greatly help your child with his or her anxiety is routine.   If you have a cat, this is a perfect place to start with your child.  The responsibility of taking care of a cat can be a great way to create some purpose, routine, and even logic in your child’s life.

Cats need to be fed at certain times of day. They need to play at certain times of day.   These two things are great responsibilities you can give to your child.   Your child will feel a sense of being needed which is empowering.   Often children with anxiety feed no purpose or importance.

Having a cat can change that and will give your child some direction.

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