The Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat Is Making Some Noise in the Breeding World

Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat

Many of you may have already heard of the Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat.  But if you are not familiar with this cross breed then you should take note.  When it comes to cuteness these felines are simply overloaded with it. While this new cross isn’t recognized as a standard breed yet, there is nothing that can stop people from loving these animals.  There are many supporters of the Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat that are working very hard to get this feline a place in the history books.  So let’s take a deeper look into why these cats have exploded in popularity.

Why are These Felines Making So Much Noise in the Breeding World?

Their appearance is one of the reasons so many people love them.  Their curled forward ears and their doll-like face will really get your attention.  Also, their short little legs make this feline one of the smallest of all breeds.  This unique looking cat is unlike any other feline in the world.  Their temperament is highly sought after as well.  Being a people oriented animal they seem to love being around humans.   As kittens and adults they are very playful felines. They will run around chasing each other all over the house.  Even if these are short legged balls of fur it doesn’t seem to slow them down one bit.

Since this is a Mixed Breed Does That Mean They Won’t Get Sick?

Many people believe that a crossed or mixed breed animal will get sick less often.  While it is true the more diverse the gene pool is the stronger the animal but the fact is; all felines can get sick.  So keeping an eye on your animal is the best way to keep them healthy.  Common ailments like upper respiratory infections are quite common among felines so make sure to keep an eye out for that.  Also make sure to get your cat properly vaccinated against rabies and other communicable diseases.  This should be done at an early age in order to protect the animal for life.  Remember to take them to the Vet within a few days of bringing your new kitten home and have them look over the animal.  This will not only give you peace of mind but it will also protect your investment if something tragic happens.  Proper grooming is also in order and make sure to brush your pet at least once every few days to cut down on the risk of hairballs.

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