The Selkirk Rex, AKA Poodle Cat is Officially Declared a New Cat Species


It all began back in 1987 when a cat by the name of Miss DiPesto appeared on the scene.  This is before cat memes, the internet, etc etc.   The cat was an unusual looking breed and was dubbed a poodle cat because of its strange coat of fur.  Since that time another nine generations of cats by this type have been linked to Miss DiPesto.  The Selkirk Rex cat has a thick, curly coat.  That type of coat has lead people to nickname this type of cat a “cats in sheep’s clothing.”  And sometimes people call it a poodle cat.

Up until now people have simply marveled at how odd this breed is.  However, recently, scientists are officially confirming that the Selkirk Rex is a breed of its own.  That means that it is genetically distinct from all other breeds and will be classified as its own breed.   It is now considered the 4th type of curly cat that is known about (according to researchers at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna).

Scientists are saying that the curly gene is a dominant one so that whenever this cat mixes with another breed the curly hair remains present.

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