There’s a Cat Stalking Map Telling People Where Your Kitty Lives

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Just when you thought your non-social media account-owning cat was safe, think again! It’s easy to “check up” on people thanks to the ease of finding details about someone in the plethora of information made public on the World Wide Web. People can easily Google someone and find out most everything about that person that is on public domain. You would never think that your cat could be the victim of stalking, but thanks to a new data visualization project, there’s a perfect cat stalking map that details a cat’s exact whereabouts – yikes!

Owen Mundy, a Florida State University art professor created “I Know Where your Cat Lives,” which goes through the Internet collecting data on the 15 million-plus images that have been tagged “cat” and goes on to create a map that gives information about the feline’s location. Mundy’s project function in two ways: the first, as an experiment in how we approach online privacy when it’s not ours, and secondly, as a resource for people online who just really adore cats. It’s a very interesting concept, but also kind of creepy!

A Kickstarter campaign was recently just launched to raise money for Mundy’s “I Know Where Your Cat Lives.” Funds are meant to assist in keeping up with expenses for web-hosting as their traffic continues to build up as well as the data of the cats. In the meantime, it really makes you think twice about taking infinite selfies of your cat and posting them on Instagram, that’s for sure!

Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

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