Thirsty Cat Drinks Water from a Glass in Style

Cat drinking water

We have all seen our cats doing strange things from time to time.  The feline in this video is no different than any other feline out there. As the video starts, you will notice this very beautiful white and orange cat is sitting on a kitchen table. While that’s nothing out of the ordinary, what she does next will shock you. You see, this cat is very thirsty but can’t quite get her head into the glass to take a drink.  So this clever kitty quickly figures out how to take a drink.  Very lady like, the animal dips her paw into the glass and scoops up a bit of water.  Each time this cat brings the tiny amount of water out of the glass, she carefully drinks it. This small amount of water wets her tongue and is helping to keep her mouth from being dry.

But this proves not to be enough water to satisfy the cats thirst.  Once again she tries to stick her head into the glass, but this time she uses her long tongue to lap up the water.  She is very careful not to knock over the glass as she drinks.  Even with her head stuck inside the glass, she still looks very elegant. After getting enough to drink, the cat cleans her paws off.  This felines dinning educate is something that we can all probably learn from.  She seems to be very clean at everything she does and would make a good dinner guest at anyone’s home.

Many of our pets don’t have these kinds of manners when it comes to eating or drinking.  Let’s just say that some pets are messier than others.  But this cat seems to pull off drinking water from a glass, in the most elegant way and she has lots of style. The owner of this fine feline has surely dinned with their pet before.  This is probably why they decided to film their beloved cat, so that the world could enjoy watching her drink.  If you want to see this kitty enjoying a drink, check out the video below.

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