This Cat is Fluent in 10 Different Languages

hungry cat

When I’m hungry, I have only one language; it’s called hanger and it is very real. I am not a good hungry person. Sure, I might find that I’m so busy throughout the day working while my two-year-old twins run rampant around the house and I try to get all things accomplished before I have to get my older kids from school. We have practice and games and all things after we get them from school and time is very limited around here these days. There’s not always time to eat; and sometimes I forget. I know, I know; who forgets to eat? I do. What that means is that when I realized I’ve forgotten to eat all day long, my body reminds me by turning me from my usual sarcastic, witty, relatively nice person into someone with hanger issues. You don’t want to cross me.

Give me food and all is well. This cat, though, is not like me. This cat actually speaks 10 different hunger languages, and we are simply amazed by this. How can this cat find a way to say that it is hungry in 10 different manners? When I am hungry it’s feed me now or be very, very afraid of what happens next. There is no in between. This cat is funny, though. We can see his impatience beginning to shine through, too, and it’s making us laugh. Take a look at this video and see if this cat’s hunger language is similar to yours.

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