This Cat Really Loves the Car, Like REALLY Loves It

cat in car

Have you ever met a cat that loves to go for a ride in the car? It’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen to see a cat that doesn’t hate the car. I’ve always had a cat growing up, but I’ve never had one that enjoyed the car. In fact, all our cats hated the car with a passion. They knew that the car was taking them to the vet, and that the vet wasn’t someone who wanted to hurt them but did a terrible job of proving that with all that they did do. Our cats hated the car with a passion. This cat, though, doesn’t seem to mind it in the least. In fact, this cat has less of a problem with the car than even that. This cat seems to actually love being in the car.

This cat loves the car. This might be the best cat video we’ve ever seen, and it might be the reason half the population in this cat’s area will end up in a car accident. I know that if I was driving down the highway and saw a cat lying down like this on the dash of a car, I’d look twice. I’d look more than twice, and then I’d end up going off the road or going into the person’s car in front of me. It seems like one of those things, and that’s just how it is. I’m okay with the cat doing this, and I think it’s awesome; but you have to see it to believe it.

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