This Cat’s Drumming Skills Will Blow You Away


Cats are pretty amazing creatures that have a multitude of talents in many forms. From being highly intelligent to physically unstoppable, many cats are just exceptional when it comes to what they can do. It comes as no surprise that some felines have the incredible talent of music, whether it is vocalizing, playing the piano and keyboards, or even the drums! It shouldn’t come as much of a shock, since most cats have had a lot of practice pawing and kneading into random things – all you’d need to do is put it to a specific beat and you’ve got some music. Even the way a cat will paw at you to get your attention can often be an indicator of just how musically talented they are. In a viral cat video, a cat is seen unleashing the cat’s drumming skills with its human – talk about partaking in the ultimate jam session!

In the video below, you can see a musically inclined feline drumming along while his human is on the drums. The feline does some pretty impressive synchronized drumming with its makeshift drum out of the corners of a cardboard box. In fact, when the video starts, it’s actually the cat who initiates the jam session, drumming away just milliseconds before its human starts in on their drum set. The two are practically in sync as they drum away, like the perfect duet that they are. At one point, the feline looks over at its human while he is drumming, stops for a moment or so and then continues, as if to take the cue that the kitty should join in on his beat. It’s a pretty incredible sight to see and hear, as well as highly entertaining to see just how musical cats can really be – how inspiring is that?!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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