Three Stray White Hair Cats Taken In and Cared for by a Loving Family


We love stories of when people take in stray cats.  This isn’t the story of a family who took in one cat, but three!  Check out the story of Rita Simmons and her three Long White Haired Cats.

I have Always taken in strays, but I Always wanted a long haired white cat, but never seemed to have the room. Finally we started looking and we said we would also take a sibling so they would have each other to play with. It took me Months-they were All Too expensive or gone Immediately. I finally found 1 about 50 miles from home. Went to get it and she opened the door to their room & there were THREE of the Most Precious, Totally Identical, Pure white kittens. NO way I could choose 2!! So I texted my husband with pics and said we were having triplets, Not twins. They are 3 years old now. Pixie, Trixie & Dixie

Thank you Rita!

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