Three Tons, Yes Three Tons of Cats are Seized

Tons of cats

This news will sure shock a lot of people especially the animal lovers.  In Vietnam, authorities in Hanoi reportedly seized a big truck full of cats.  Yes, you read right!  The truck has a total load of three tons of cats.  Some of you might wonder, “Where the heck these cats are going?”  The answer to that question is not going to be easy to take in because the felines were in route to North Vietnam, where they will be sold and serve in restaurants.  It’s because in Vietnam, cats are considered to be one of their delicacies.  In fact, a live feline are sold for $21 per kilo at the market stalls.

Cao Van Loc, the Deputy Chief of Police in Dong Da District, told DPA News that “after they received a tip, they searched the truck and discovered the cats inside.”   The owner and also the driver of the truck admit that he bought the cats from the border towns of Vietnam and China.  According to Loc, “All cats were from China.”

As you can see in the picture above, the truck was full of cats that were placed in crates.  There were so many of the cats in one crate and because there’s not enough space for all of them, you can see their tails and paws sticking out.

The authorities said that the cats are going to be killed and the owner is going to face a fine of $342 for the offense of transporting goods without proper documents.

It’s sad that these innocent cats are going to be killed.  It sure is a terrible thing and I hope there would be someone or a group that can save these felines from being put down.

I understand that different people have different cultures but this is just terrible.  You can look at the cat’s horrible situation in that truck.  I bet some of them died from asphyxiation due the very tight space they are in, which makes it possible for them to move a bit and even catch a breath.  Hopefully, this kind of incidents will soon be put on hold.

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