When It’s Time To Eat, These Cats Have Zero Patience!

crazy kittens

When you see these adorable kittens run into the room you will probably have no idea how demanding they can be.  These pint sized felines are really hungry and they are not waiting around for their owner to give them food.  As they run into the kitchen you can tell that this pack of cats is ready to eat.  The owner of these kittens does their best to try and control these animals but they are having a hard time doing so.  All of the kittens are meowing loudly and they really can’t wait another second to be fed.

As the owner is trying to prepare a few cans of food for them to eat something wild happens.  One of the tiny cats jump onto the owner and climb all the way up the counter.  The owner then safely place the kitten back onto the floor so that they can continue to prepare their meal. It seems like these kitten can become out of control when it comes to feeding time.  Something happens next in the video that will make you laugh out loud.  Two more of the kittens decide to try their hand at climbing the owner and it makes for a funny video.  The owner then peels one of the kittens off and the other jumps off by its own.

During the entire time the owner is trying to fix a plate she is constantly trying to peel cats off of her clothing.  This is hilarious and it seems that she is never going to finish getting the food ready.  We never get to find out if these kittens finally got their food because the video is cut short.  Maybe the person who is filming this clip has turned off the camera to help the other person out.  It really would take more than one person to feed these kitties and doing it alone looks very difficult.  This is a super funny video to watch and if you want to see it you can find it below.  If you know someone that has this same problem you might want to share this video with them so that they can have a laugh as well.


Image via YouTube.com

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