Time-Lapse that Shows Cats are…..Solar Powered?

Sun cats

When it comes to felines, many of us know that they simply love sitting in a sunny window.  But the cats in this next video have taken sun bathing to a whole new level.  You see, someone who has a lot of cats in their home, decided to try an experiment.  Using a video camera, they filmed their kitties for many days. What they captured is simply amazing! As you will see in the video clip, the cats seem to follow the sun.  When the sun moves during the day, the cats follow the warm light and they all are sitting in a row.  It’s almost like these cats are solar and they are charging themselves with the sun.

In this very unique video, you get to see cat behavior like you have never seen it before.  Without the help of a slow motion camera, you we would have never known these felines followed the sun. I wonder what made this person decide to try this experiment.  I bet it took a long time to capture this on film and whoever done this had to have some professional camera experience. The sun is very warming and even we humans like to lie in the sun from time to time.  Just think how great it feels to lay in front of a warm sun filled window, on a cold winter’s day.  I am sure this is how these cats feel and they seem to love it.

This video has become popular online and many cat lovers around the world have commented on it. While it’s not gone viral yet, I am sure that someday soon it might.  So if you are interested you should really check it out. But no matter the reason why this was done, I am glad they did it.  I can imagine if I were to record my kitty in this same way, he would surely follow the sun as well.  So if you love cats, you need to watch the video below this article. I am sure you will find it very informative and lovely at the same time.

Image via YouTube.com

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