Tiny Kitten Meets a Puppy for the First Time

Puppy and kitten

Sometimes dogs and cats don’t get along very well.  But the dog and cat in this video seem to really be having a great time being together.  You see, it is the first time that the pair has met and getting to know one another is something they both wanted.  But the kitten at first is a little taken back by the loud barking.  It seems that the dog is very excited about getting to meet the cat and can’t contain himself.  As the duo get more comfortable with each other, the cat walks under the dog and rubs up against him.  While the feline has seen a dog before, the puppy had never seen a cat before.  While anything could have happened, it seems that the dog loves cats.

The dog and cat seem to have the same color coat and each of them has tons of spots on them.  This cute combo is really fun to watch and when they stand together, it’s hard to tell them apart.  The puppy gently paws at the kitten and seems to give the cat a kiss on the top of its head with his nose. This is really adorable and you can hear the people in the background saying “awe”, when they see how the two are getting along.  It was the people’s idea to get these two animals together, but it was the dog and cat that really made the moment a special one.

After they spend a few minutes getting to know one another, they really start to become great friends.  This is not a one sided relationship and the cat starts to play with the dog, much like it would another cat.  This is a beautiful event and having it captured on video will allow this moment to be cherished forever.  The animals appear to be in a rescue shelter or maybe an animal hospital.  The two will probably get to play many more times, because they have gotten along so well.  So if you want to see this amazing video, please watch it below.  Make sure to also share it with friends and family so they can enjoy it as well.

Image via YouTube.com

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