Tiny Kitten Rescued After Being Found Trapped Inside Wall


A tiny kitten that was found trapped inside a wall was made free, thanks to a dramatic rescue last week. After discovering the trapped kitten, an animal rescue officer called in firefighters to help save the little guy. Since being rescued, the kitten – named Brick – is now in foster care.

The RSPCA of South Australia posted the story on their Facebook on May 1.

They wrote: “This beautiful three-week-old kitten is now settling into his foster home after his dramatic rescue. Around midday yesterday, we received a call from a concerned Felixstow resident who could hear meowing from inside their wall. RSPCA South Australia rescue Officer Nalika attended the job. After assessing the situation, she called-in assistance from the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS).

Ever reliable, the MFS boys arrived within five minutes and the team got to work trying to free the distressed kitten.

“Often cats will go into the roof of houses to have their kittens. This kitten would have fallen down and was unable to get out,” Nalika said.

The kitten could have been trapped in the wall for as long as 12 hours.

“Its tiny little nails were ground down and pads of all paws had abrasions on them.”

The only way to free the kitten was to break through the brick and into the wall cavity.

“Once the kitten could see light through the hole in the brick, it was desperately trying to squeeze through the hole, even though the opening hadn’t been completed yet.”

“The tiny kitten was eventually set free, then temporarily cared for by the rescue team. He was fawned over by everyone at RSPCA South Australia HQ and received a full veterinary assessment.

‘His assessment was positive and we’re relieved the little guy is on the road to recovery after his ordeal.

“The brave kitten has affectionately been named ‘Brick’ after Brick Tamland from the movie ‘Anchorman’ and has captured our hearts.”

The people who rescued Brick checked for more kittens, but alas did not find any.

Photo Source: RSPCA South Australia Facebook Page

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