Tiny Kitten Struggles Valiantly To Make It Onto Counter

kitten hanging

This super cute video will have you laughing hard and cheering at the same time.  During this short, but really sweet video you will see a tiny kitten attempt to jump on a counter top.  The tiny white kitten can be seen sitting on a chair that is located in the living room.  The owner of the kitten is in the kitchen and there is a kitchen bar that divides the two rooms.  The owner has a toy in their hand and is moving it around on the counter top of the bar.  The kitten starts to get really excited and as you can tell he is about to try and do something daring.

Another one of his owners is filming this moment and what the cat does next will have you laughing out loud.  The feline takes a giant leap towards the counter top and just makes it far enough to hang on the edge.  The kitten then tries really hard to pull himself up, but the cat is simply not strong enough to do so.  Then the kitten falls to the floor and his owner bursts into laughter.  The kitten was not hurt and never in any danger, but the kitten must have felt like he was hanging on the edge of some giant mountain.  Cats are very agile, but this kitten has yet to master the art.

Kittens try to do things that only adult cats can.  It’s their way of learning and someday soon this kitten will be big enough to jump on the counter.  Then he will probably get into trouble with his owner, but for now his actions are still considered cute.  There will be many more attempts to learn how to properly jump from place to place and surely his owners will be recording them.  This video is yet to go viral, but many people have already watched it.  Everyone that has seen it agrees that this little kitten is one of the cutest.  So if you want to see this kitten try his best to jump on the counter, then you can find the video located below.


Image via YouTube.com

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