Tips for When Your Cat Won’t Eat Their Food

You know how it goes: your cat will meow and meow constantly, signaling that they’re hungry, but come feeding time, they just aren’t that into their food. That’s fine if it happens once or twice, but when it begins to happen over and over, it becomes an issue. What gives?! How do you deal with a picky cat? There are several reasons why your cat will suddenly become fussy about their cuisine.

Here are some tips for when your cat won’t eat:

– First and foremost: make sure your cat is healthy. A change in appetite is one of the major indicators that something might be wrong with your feline’s health. Take them to the vet to get checked out and rule that out of the way.

– Add something tasty. Cat won’t eat their food? Try adding a little something extra, like cat vitamin powder.

– Use shallower dishes. One problem for cats may be the dish may be too deep for their liking, so get something shallower if they’re getting disinterested in their food. Shallower dishes make for easier access to their food, so it might make all the difference.

– Heat it up! No, I’m not talking about putting hot sauce on their food. If your cat’s food has been kept in the fridge, pop it in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds to give it a little warmth and make the smell more attractive to your cat.

–┬áIf you’re committed to a specific brand, try the other flavors. Look, there’s nothing wrong with brand loyalty: it’s what the industry enjoys! But many brands have a plethora of various options when it comes to food, starting with a variety of flavors. Have your cat try different ones and see what they like most.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


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