Tips for Dealing With Cat-Hair Shedding

Spring time is here, and you know what that means: shedding season! As much as we love our adorable felines, their cat-hair all over our things and all over us is, well, less-than-adorable – some might even call it annoying. Cats seem to shed, shed, shed during the spring, tapering off in the summer, and then coming back once again once fall hits.

Here are some tips for dealing with cat-hair shedding:

– Stock up on lint rollers. Lints rollers are your best friend during shedding season! Cat hair can happen in the most unexpected of places, so make sure you have them handy EVERYWHERE: your bag, in the car, in your bedroom, by the front door, etc. just to keep your bases covered.

– Avoid black pants. That’s not necessarily to say that you can’t wear black pants, period – you just might want to kick them to the side when you’re around your cat and put them back on when it’s time to leave the house. Black pants (and other all-black clothing) is basically a magnet for cat hair!

– Designate a cat-hair sweater. During shedding season, your cat’s hair will be all over your clothes in the matter of moments. When staying home, designate clothes (be it sweater or otherwise) that only stays at home and not something you wear in public.

– Cover up that furniture. Cats love jumping up onto couches and chairs, rubbing against them with their bodies causing them to shed all over like crazy. One great way to salvage your furniture from being turned into a giant furry rug is to cover it up – whether it be with plastic, material you don’t mind getting hair all over or a special anti-fur product from the store.

Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images


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