Here are Tips on Feeding Your Picky Cat

Cat eating food

Different cats have different types of eating habits: some will eat everything you put in front of them while others will be so picky you’re convinced they’re not fans of food at all! There are numerous reasons why your cat eats they way they do, and one of those reasons could be due to a health issue. Picky cat? No problem! No matter what the specific problem, here are tips to getting your cat to eat:

– Feed at different times. If cats can be trained to eat at the same time, the opposite should also be true when it comes to training cats and eating at different times.

– Use a cat carrier. Cat carriers may be a tight squeeze for some felines, but they provide their own space, something cats can get used to!

– Stick to a specific schedule. Felines are very meticulous about time and they love routine. That way they know when exactly to wait for food as a specific time.

– Make use of rooms. This while be helpful only if you have the room to make it happen. Put one cat in a room and another in the other room to space out feedings. This tip is a bit moreĀ for cats who eat more slowly than others, cats who may need special food, or for cats who may have more stress if chowing down alone.

– Give them space of their own. If your cat is a nibbler, it may help for them to have their own space to eat. These cats will generally like to eat a little, stop to nap, eat more, get pet, and the cycle continues. Tune into your cat’s needs to figure out what he/she wants or needs.

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