Tips on Getting Your Cat to Eat When They Won’t

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While cats generally tend to love to eat, some cats can actually be some of the most picky eaters if they don’t like what you are serving them. Sometimes that’s the case because there is something medically wrong with them, but other times, it’s because they are just being plain picky! As a cat owner, it can be difficult when your cat refuses to eat – after all, you don’t really know what the problem is initially. The first thing you want to do once you realize that they have stopped eating their food is to take them to the vet to rule out any illnesses and once they’re cleared, there are some tips you can do to help in getting your cat to eat.

Here are some tips on getting your cat to eat when they won’t:

– Add something that is tasty. They might be getting bored of their food and just finding it unappetizing. Try a little tuna or sardines either in place of their food or along with their dry or wet cat food. Giving them something cats generally find delicious may just do the trick!

– Heat the food up. Warming their food up will bring out the smells of the food, which may entice them more to eat.

– Try a different brand. While you may have brand loyalty, it may be in your cat’s interest to try a new brand to break the monotony.

– Keep their dishes clean. After all, who wants to eat out of a dirty plate or bowl?! Not only does it smell bad to both humans and animals, it can also lead to bacteria growing in leftover food and cause illness.

– Try hand feeding them. Be sure to inspect their nose and check that it is clean – the smell of the food should help with their appetite.

(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

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