Tips to Prevent Your Cat from Becoming Overweight


Cats are generally very mobile beings, constantly moving around. Most cats can scamper around swiftly – a little too quickly sometimes – so it usually comes as a big surprise to hear about overweight cats. But just like many of us humans, our furry friends are capable of being too heavy and not moving enough. Usually, healthy cats that spend much of their time outdoors get moving a lot more than their indoor counterparts, with them getting plenty of exercise through exploring, hunting and playing around. Overweight cats tend to be primarily indoor and often suffer because of the lack of exercise their body receives. Exercise for cats isn’t difficult and will benefit them in the long run, affecting their overall happiness and health.

Here are some tips to help prevent a cat from becoming overweight, as well as ways to help overweight cats lose weight:

– Toys: Make them homemade or get them from pet stores to assist in getting your kitty moving.

– Catch the Light: A great way to get your kitty to [spontaneously] move is to simply shine the light of a flashlight on the walls and on the floor as your cat pounces around. Can you say instant cat game?

– Curious Cat Curls: To get your cat jumping up and down (literally!), tie a string to one end of a toy and the other end to a dumbbell. You get to work out YOUR arms while getting your cat to go a little crazy trying to paw at the toy as it ascends and descends. You’re in control and they also have to do some physical work.

– Toys: Make homemade toys or get them from pet stores to assist in getting your kitty moving.

– Go “Hunting”: Put your cat’s food and/or treats in different, hidden places every day and have them run around looking for the goods.

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