Tips on Talking to Your Cat

Yes, we’ll admit it: sometimes we wish that we could communicate and talk to our cats. You know, not only for you to understand what they are trying to tell you, but also for them to understand what you’re saying. Well, that might not be impossible – there are ways to get your point across. As well, each cat has their own dialect and the best way to understand them is to observe them carefully. Each look and gesture speaks volumes, so pay attention closely – you and your cat will be communicating in no time!

Here are some tips on talking to your cat:

– Listen up! To be a good communicator, you have to be a good listener. When you observe and listen closely, you tend to pick up little nuances and non-verbal communication.

– Don’t talk loudly or in a shrill manner. Unlike humans and dogs, cats have even more sensitive ears and cannot stand shrill noises, so they’re more likely to run off. A quiet, calm tone is the best when talking to a feline to show affection or to get a shy cat to come closer.

– When your cat gets rough, just think of when kittens are at play. As kittens play, they are developing social skills as well as physical. When one kitten gets too rough with the other, the victim will often make a squeaking noise and will disengage themselves from the bully. If your cat tries to use your fingers or toes as toys, you can react the same way. Say “Ow!” really loudly in a high-pitched voice and then ignore them for a little while. If you do this consistently, they’ll learn not to bite or claw you.

– Use directions. When you say certain phrases consistently, such as “Hey Mr. Pancake, come up here,” cats will eventually learn that that means to get into your lap and have some snuggle time.

Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images


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