Tips on Turning Your Non-Pet Lover Friends into Cat Fanatics

Even as pet and cat lovers, we all have a couple of those friends – you know, the ones who aren’t as enthusiastic about cats or pets in general. As cat lovers, we tend to naturally assume others also share our love for felines, because – let’s face it – who doesn’t enjoy a purring ball of fluff?! In reality, though, there are those people who just aren’t into cats and they’re even the ones inside our social circle. What’s a cat lover to do?!

Here are some tips on turning your non-pet lover friends into bona fide cat fanatics:

– If they enjoy laughing, tie in something your cat did that was funny. One way to get someone to like you is to discover you both have similar interests.

– Tell them that cats are the greatest teachers. If your friend is more sensitive and spiritual type, point out that your beloved cat has made you an even better person. Apprently,  cats might reduce our risk for disease or certain cancers.

– Point out the amazing benefits of having a cat around. In our technological age, so much proof has been stemming up that pets are good to have around.   

– Pair that person with a cat who happens to match their personality perfectly. If you have a quiet friend who is a bit of an introvert, they might appreciate getting to know a quiet, sweet cat. Likewise, if you have a friend who’s regularly physical and active, they might like the the energy of a kitten.

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images


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