Tortoise Bumps into Cat Over and Over and Over


Animals of different breeds often share the home in peace and harmony.  When this happens it is truly a beautiful thing.  But when they don’t it can lead to some pretty funny moments as long as no one gets hurt of course. In the video below, you will find what appear to be a very angry little tortoise and a cat that seems to be the source of the little guy’s anger.

When the video starts you can see that the tortoise is head butting the cat in the stomach as hard as he can.  While at first I thought it was because he simply wanted the other pet to move out of his way, this simply wasn’t the case.  After the cat moves to a new location you can see that the tortoise quickly follows.  He then begins to head butt again.  This is very strange behavior but also funny.

As the feline tries to move yet again, the tortoise is quick on the draw and again head butts.  The cat seems to be tormented by this and each and every time he moves he gets followed.  I wonder what this animal did to make the other pet so angry?  While you can see some lettuce on the floor maybe this is the reason.  He might have thought the other pet was trying to steal his food?  No one will ever truly know but one thing is for sure this little guy is steaming mad!

Before you go make sure to check out the video and you too will be wondering what made this pet so mad.  It is funny to watch but I hope he doesn’t do this on a regular basis because it sure would be an uncomfortable living environment for the rest of the animals in the home.  But I am sure he just had a bad day or the cat might have done something to make him mad.  What do you guys think?

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