Tortoiseshell Cat Has Been Rejected by New Homes More than 30,000 Times

tilly the cat

Meet Tilly. She is a gorgeous cat with a beautiful tortoiseshell tone, and she is very sweet. Unfortunately, her life has been anything than wonderful. Tilly was found when she recently gave birth to a litter of kittens. She was around three at the time, and it was 1995. That was 21 years ago, and she’s been in the same pet care home she’s been in since the day she was found. This darling cat has been considered the most likely oldest cat in the United Kingdom at a staggering 24, but she still hasn’t found a forever home. It has been a very long life for this sweet cat, who has been waiting forever for a home to call her own. Sadly, she’s been unable to find one. She has been rejected more than thirty thousand times by potential owners, and she’s still waiting to find that one special home.
Plenty of people have been very interested in Tilly, but she doesn’t seem to be very interested in them. In fact, she flat out ignores people when they come in to the shelter to see her. Naturally, people are more interested in the cats that actually pay them some attention and seem to want to spend time with them. That leaves Tilly all alone and without a forever home. Some people feel bad for her, but we think that Tilly might be quite happy where she is. Cats are intelligent, and she knows that people would want her if she was more interested. She’s not, so we feel she might be just fine in her current position.

Photo by Caters

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