Trapped Kitten is Rescued from a Pipe in Madison County


A tiny kitten was found and rescued by animal rescue and fire crews from a pipe on Thursday. While trying to use the ATM in Madison County, Virginia, a family attempting to use the ATM could hear the trapped kitten meowing coming from a nearby pipe in the ground. When they took a look, the family found that there was a kitten in there! They ended up calling for help and animal rescue and fire crews came to the feline’s assistance, pulling it out of the pipe by using a hose-like object to get it out.

The kitten, a 6-week-old young cat, is now safe and sound, and is being kept at the Madison County Animal Shelter. They named the feline Piper and it was discovered that the little kitty is only 1.6 pounds – a tiny little thing!

“He meowed constantly from the time I got there. He did quiet down a little bit but when you started talking to him he started meowing again, so we knew that he was still with us and that he just wanted to get out as much as we wanted him to get out,” said Annette Dodson, an animal control officer. Dodson was one of those who were on the scene.

Little Piper will be staying at the animal shelter for a little while longer, to be kept under observation to ensure he’s healthy. After that, he will be put up for adoption. The shelter says that there are already people who have shown interest in adopting him.

Photo Source: NBC29 

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