Trapped Korat Cat Rescued From UK Shop Wall


A curious cat had to be rescued after throwing officials into a tizzy Monday after finding himself in between a wall and a hard place – literally! Lightey, a two-year-old Korat cat, had firefighters and shop owners in a clamor when he got himself stuck within the walls of The Kitchen Range Shop in the UK. The feline had gone missing from his home Friday and was spotted in the shop on Friday afternoon. Upon finding him, staff put the cat outside in hopes that the lost cat would just find its way back home. He disappeared Saturday and had shop workers thinking he had returned to his owner – unfortunately, they were wrong.

The following Monday, Emma Bowden, a worker at The Kitchen Range Shop, read a note that was given to the shop by someone saying that they had seen a cat peeking out from the window inside the shop. Bowden then looked around for the cat, but alas didn’t find him, so she called the cat’s owner, Angela Thomas, for some assistance. Thomas came over and called out for the cat – and finally little Lightey responded with his meows!

Apparently, the feline had managed to get himself into the shop’s air vents and got stuck in a tight spot in the building’s wall. Officials, including the RSPCA and firefighters, were called in to help in rescuing the cat. Using thermal imaging to locate him in the walls, they attempted to coax the trapped kitten with a wooden plank. It didn’t work at first, but once they started to drill through the wall, a flighty Lightey made his way up the plank and to safety.

Upon his return, owner Thomas said, “It’s absolutely wonderful that I have him back. It must of been very traumatic for him and his twin brother cried and cried while he was gone. But I’m so glad it had a happy ending.”

So are we!

Photo Source: Alan Waters

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