Tripod Kitten Lily Survives Horrible Fire and is Found Three Days Later

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Lily the three-legged-cat was found safe and sound three days after a fire devastated a block of flats including theirs.  A huge fire in Devonport, United Kingdom devastated many homes and claimed a life of one feline and displaced almost 100 residents and their pets earlier this month.  After the fire, Lily’s pet mom notified Plymouth & SW Devon RSPCA Branch about her missing cat.  She also gave them a photo of Lily and asked them to find her beloved pet for her.  The animal charity group has been helping pets and their owners get reunited after a fire.

With Lily’s picture the group started searching for the missing animal but she was nowhere to be found.  Three days after the fire, an employee of a security company, Ryan Hopkins, spotted a cat and notified RSPCA.  Inspector Sarah Morris of RSPCA was sent to the scene to trap the feline.  When asked about Lily’s rescue she said, “It is a miracle that Lily managed to survive this terrible ordeal and we still don’t know exactly how she managed to get through this almost unscathed. Not only did she make it through the fire but she has also then got through the last week without any food, so she is clearly a fighter.  It just goes to show how strong animals are in times of adversity and how versatile they really can be when tragedy hits.”  Morris also gave credit to Hopkins of K9 Security Company for notifying them about the cat’s presence in the building.  Hopkins also helped in the rescue operation by keeping an eye on the trap that was used to catch Lily.  Morris added that Lily is going to be reunited with her owner, who was very delighted to know that her beloved feline is alive and safe.

Lily the tripod cat is very lucky to have survived a fatal fire.  Her survival is indeed a miracle!  After her rescue she was taken to a vet and was determined to be in good condition.  She sustained minor injuries: a singed whiskers and some superficial burns, according to the RSPCA Plymouth & SW Devon Branch’s Facebook page

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