Turkish Van Kittens Who Their Owners Call “Terrors!”

Turkish Van Kittens

If you are a cat lover then you have probably heard of the Turkish Van cat breed.  But you might not have had a chance to be around any Turkish Van Kittens because these are a rare breed.  But if you have then you are a very lucky person.  I personally have never had the chance of seeing these cats in person but I do enjoy watching videos about them.  So until I can actually have one of these cats as a pet of my very own, I like to browse the internet and learn as much about them as possible.  A great way to learn the behavior of these animals is by watching videos of them.  So if you too want to learn about them, I have included a video at the bottom of this article.

One thing that I have learned about these felines is that they love to be active.  This video is a great example of their need to move around.  These cats are also natural hunters and were used in the past to catch rodents.  In this video, the owners of these animals are playing with them with a toy that resembles a mouse.  You can see how these animals react to the toy and it’s as if they have a live mouse right in the middle of them.  They jump around trying to catch it and when the owner pulls the toy up in the air they all try to jump high and get it.  While this is also very cute it shows just how strong their moussing skills really are.  It’s a real joy watching these beautiful cats play and after watching the video you will probably start looking for one of these animals to call your own.

These cats have a unique color pattern that is very specific to the breed.  A solid coat with a patch of color on the tail and head is a sure sign of this animal.  In this video you will find five of the best examples of this breed.  So if you are looking to purchase one of these animals, you should take note of how these adorable little guys look.  Make sure to check out this video before you leave and learn more about these amazing felines.

Image via gadgetgirl at Flickr.com

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